Optimisation elevates landing page conversions by 55% for garage door manufacturer


Long-standing client Select Garage Doors wanted to increase their website conversions as they started to prepare for their new factory after they were already running at full capacity.

Select are a nationwide garage door manufacturer, producing all their doors in-house - with local suppliers across the UK.



A full website audit was conducted to identify which landing pages brought in the most valuable traffic.

This approach presented a number of opportunities to optimise the landing pages using various optimisation techniques by targeting keywords with higher conversion intent. The internal website linking was also updated to improve the overall authority of the target pages. 

This meant the targeted landing pages were optimised to create a better user experience by directing keywords to product specific pages which were more likely to convert. 



Select Garage Doors increased their website conversions by 55% in Q1 in comparison to the previous year.

This is a direct result of organic optimisation and shifting the focus onto target keywords with higher conversion intent. 

increased conversions
Many businesses see their website as an occasional one-off project, but if you look after it and continually improve it you almost always see increases in leads and sales.
Mel Moville
Digital Projects Coordinator at Bespoke
20-years of record-breaking results

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