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Bespoke has been designing and building B2B websites since 2001, with focus on brand exposure and growth in online enquiries.

We’ll run our established process with you to refresh your brand and build a new fast, flexible website that will deliver results for many years.

In a 20-30 minute video call we can explore your current website together and discuss your plans. We’ll advise on what’s working for others in your sector, and highlight the key opportunities for you.

To set up a video conversation email [email protected] or call us on 01772 591100.

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Furniture Sales Solutions

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  • This depends on the size and complexity of your website, and whether you need a rebrand and brand refresh too. Most websites take 6-8 weeks to design and build, once you have signed off the specification.

  • Being a long established and trusted agency, we are obviously relatively in demand. When you book in your project design and build to begin 4-6 weeks later. This works nicely as it allows time for the planning workshops to take place, and for the technical specification to be produced, and for you to review it and sign it off.

  • Yes of course! Many of our clients have been with us for 5-10 years or more, and are big advocates of our service. Renewal rates are above 90% every year. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with somebody who has recently completed a project like yours. You might also like to read the client success stories on this website.

  • Our typical client is a B2B company with turnover in the £1m-£100m range approximately, with somebody responsible for marketing in-house. We only take on projects where there is a good 2-way match. If you get in touch to discuss your project and we are not the best match for you, we will simply refer you to a better matched agency.

  • We’re known for our strategic approach. We are authors of the Amazon #1 bestseller Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy. Your project will begin with a Digital Strategy Workshop to develop your digital marketing plan for the next 3 years. We also hold a Design Sprint Workshop to plan your website design together. Nothing is built until you have signed off wireframes and full colour web page designs.

  • Your project will follow a 91-step process developed over 20+ years, based on more than 200 successful website design and build projects. It’s very rare for one of our projects to run past its deadline or go over budget. If a project does run over it is normally because the client has requested something additional along the way, and we have agreed a different deadline and additional fees to add it in. The reason we have such a high rate of success with projects is our vast experience, and the thorough planning process we complete with you before work begins.

  • Because of how thorough our process is it’s rare for things to go wrong. Some things that can cause issues are if you are late providing content, or cancel scheduled review meetings at short notice. At the beginning of your project we’ll provide you with the project schedule, and we’ll agree what you need to provide and when. If you follow the agreed project plan it is very difficult for something to go wrong.

  • We will plan the website content together in the initial workshops. Often, clients have their in-house teams produce or provide content for the website, and our role is simply to advise on how it can be improved for usability and SEO. However, if you’d like us to produce content for you this can be included in your estimate. We can also help you organise professional photography and video where it is needed. We have very good partners available for these services.

  • Your new website will include a flexible and feature-rich content management system, as all the websites we build do. It’s a fast, intuitive, easy-to-use, secure control panel through which you will be able to change the text and images on the website, and, in most cases, add additional pages. The exact features of your content management system will be established in the planning workshops, and will be based upon what is appropriate for your website, and your specific requirements.

  • Budgets vary depending on the complexity of websites, and the goals involved, as you’d expect. We like to be as helpful with budget planning as possible, and like to establish fixed budgets that you can be sure will not change. After talking through options, and likely returns on investment, most clients choose project sizes between £15k and £50k. The websites we design and build normally last 3-5 years so the cost per year is low, given the value a professionally designed and built lead-gen business website generates. There are hosting and support costs too of course, but these are relatively small.

  • Our websites team is one of the most experienced in the region. Between them they have delivered over 100 successful website projects. When you book your project we will assign your project manager, designer and developers. They will all be very experienced with the type of project you have booked, working to a proven process. All websites are reviewed internally by our senior staff before they are passed to you and before they go live.

  • Yes, you can find examples in the client success stories section of this website. When you get in touch to discuss your project we will refer to relevant examples and let you know how others have enjoyed success in sectors similar to yours. We have lots of examples of successful website and marketing projects we have delivered for our clients across all B2B sectors.

  • Yes. A website project with Bespoke is always an upgrade. In addition to the redesign we plan with you, your website will also undergo a thorough testing process before it goes live. However, Bespoke is different in that we also test your website once it is live, with prospective customers using it. We record visitors post launch and, if needed, make adjustments to be sure it is working exactly as planned. Clients normally report noticeable performance improvements when they switch to a custom-built performance website from Bespoke.

  • Yes. SEO is planned at the beginning, based on what will be most successful for you. Extensive SEO checks are done before launch. We also check rankings post launch to make sure your new website is performing as expected in Google.

  • Most websites last 3-5 years before the next redesign and rebuild is needed. Because the project is only needed every few years, the cost per year of the website project is relatively low, given the return it delivers. Some companies capitalise their website development cost in their accounts and depreciate it over its life. So for example, if a website project costs £30k, and the website lasts 3 years, the website cost is £833 per month in the company accounts.

  • We’ll provide you with premium hosting from one of the UK’s biggest hosting companies. We take care of this for you, at very competitive rates. As we work exclusively with B2B companies we only ever buy premium, fast, UK-based hosting. Your hosting will include everything you would expect from premium hosting, in terms of speed, reliability, security and backups.

  • You will have a combined hosting & support contract. This provides you with 24/7 support for emergencies. Business hours support is on a 1-hour response basis which is one of the fastest SLAs provided by a web agency. Many of our 5-star reviews mention the excellent support we provide once after a website is live.

  • Yes. Most customers also have a marketing retainer with us. Retainers are normally based around a lead generation goal. Often they involve targeted paid ads, organic search optimisation or conversion rate optimisation. Many of our clients use their retainer for more advanced marketing, or for specific campaigns, so that their in-house marketers can get on with their jobs. If you have a marketing retainer we meet with you every month to report results and plan campaigns.

  • You should choose Bespoke if you’re an established B2B company that wants to grow exposure or generate more leads online. In particular, if your turnover is in the £1m to £100m range approximately, and you have somebody responsible for marketing in-house, Bespoke is well matched for you. If you get in touch to discuss your project and we are not the best agency for you, we will simply refer you to somebody who is more closely matched.

  • We look at this together in the planning workshops. We only take on web projects where there is a clear and obvious benefit, and likely return on the investment. We always advise on how your website should fit into your wider marketing to make a complete system that reliably delivers the exposure and enquiries you need.

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Who hires Bespoke?

We're hired for website design, ongoing marketing and digital strategy services, most often by: 

  • B2B companies
  • With turnover approx £1m–£100m
  • Who want to grow visibility or enquiries
We’ve been on a transformation journey with the brand and the website now reflects that.

Sarah Cooper

Anthony Formosa
The website looks and feels excellent. We asked for wow factor and got that.

Anthony Formosa
Harrington Boyd

Lucy Trueman Trueman Change
I love the new website. My staff love it and we get a lot of compliments on it too.

Lucy Trueman
Founder, Trueman Change

Lisa Kennery Pierce
We get clients from further afield now who say they are finding us through Google.

Lisa Kennery
Pierce Accountants

Clare Wilby
The new site is worlds apart from the old one, it’s a brilliant shop window for us.

Clare Wilby
Commercial Manager, Clifton Trade Bathrooms

Emma Curtis Plumbs
With regards to value for money the service from Bespoke has been very good.

Emma Curtis
Head of Marketing Plumbs

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