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We’ve been speaking to businesses about their digital marketing for over 20 years.

If you’re anything like the majority, you’ll feel some uncertainty about whether your business has the right approach to digital.

We see a huge difference after a business has attended digital strategy workshops with us.

Everything feels easier with their online marketing - it’s focused, efficient, enjoyable, and the impact in terms of results is often transformational.

To set up a call for an initial review of your current strategy, and to learn how others in your sector are seeing success online, email us or call on 01772 591100.

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Furniture Sales Solutions

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Clifton Trade Bathrooms

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Limelight Consulting

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Digital strategy


  • It’s a focused session where we collaborate with you to understand your business goals, target audience, and current marketing efforts. During the session we develop a digital marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs.

  • Without a well-defined strategy, digital marketing efforts can be scattered and ineffective. A strategy workshop helps ensure future marketing activities are aligned with your business goals, which normally means better results and more enquiries.

  • Jumping straight into a website project or marketing campaign without a strategy is like setting out on a journey without knowing the directions or destination. It’s possible to run projects without first digging into the strategy, but almost always results in wasted budget and frustration further down the line. The session also ensures everybody involved with the proposed work fully understands the market, product or service, and objectives and goals. For this reason, we only deliver website projects or marketing campaigns where a strategy workshop has taken place first. Clients normally say they feel they have experienced some “lightbulb moments” during the digital strategy workshops we run.

  • During the workshop, we analyse your business, market, competitors, and current digital presence. We then plan the key elements of your digital strategy together, including key objectives, target audience personas, messaging, and marketing channels. We document key points at the end and you are then in a good position to successfully commission website projects and/or marketing campaigns.

  • Digital strategy workshops last 3 hours. It is best for your workshop to take place at our premises, partly because of the facilities we have, but also, because it is healthy to get out of your business for this kind of session. Some clients choose to book a second session if there is a topic they want to delve further into. But in most cases, one digital strategy workshop provides everything needed to be able to plan website projects and marketing campaigns that deliver the best possible return at the lowest cost.

  • We recommend 1-4 people from your company attend. The marketing person we might work with on projects should obviously attend. One or two colleagues and stakeholders often also attend, and a salesperson, or somebody who deals directly with new business enquiries also often joins.

  • We’ll reach conclusions together by working through the exercises in the workshop. The exercises are long established and have been running successfully for many years. After the workshop we provide a written summary of key outcomes. We also provide estimates for new websites or campaigns based on the workshop outcomes, if appropriate or if requested.

  • Digital strategy workshops normally cost £950 ex vat. We run strategy workshops as “loss leaders” as they are valuable for exploring opportunities together in depth. (Similar workshops run by staff with similar experience cost many thousands of pounds elsewhere). After the workshop you can hire us to deliver your rebrand, website or marketing campaigns if you wish, or you simply take what you learned, and the insights gathered, and deliver projects elsewhere.

  • In most cases it is. Some clients ask for additional workshops as they want to explore specific ideas or campaigns in detail. It makes sense to run review workshops at least once a year, but this is up to you of course. The workshops often identify cost or efficiency savings so normally pay for themselves.

  • Digital strategy workshops complement your existing team by providing an external, expert perspective. It helps ensure your marketing efforts are strategically aligned and current activity is challenged. In some cases, workshops uncover a fundamental change, for example to tactics or messaging, that greatly simplifies your online marketing, or greatly improves your results.

  • Yes. Our team are specialists in brand development, website design and ongoing marketing campaigns. Most clients choose to develop their strategy with us, and have us deliver their new website and campaigns. There is no obligation to do this however. You may choose to deliver some elements in-house, and hire our team for some more specialist aspects, or elements your team does not have the capacity to deliver on an ongoing basis. 

  • Yes. There are lots of examples in the client success stories section of this website. If you want to hire us to design and build your new website, or to deliver ongoing marketing campaigns for you we can also put you in touch with existing clients who will share their experience of working with us.

  • No. We will run through the exercises with you in the session, and ask you about your market, product/service and current activity in the session. We’ll build a picture of your current marketing activity, and a picture of a more effective plan for the future.

  • Get in touch to discuss your project with us. We often advise a workshop as a first step. It is also a good opportunity to do a small piece of valuable work with us, to meet our team and understand our approach, before you book full projects with us.

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We're hired for website design, ongoing marketing and digital strategy services, most often by: 

  • B2B companies
  • With turnover approx £1m–£100m
  • Who want to grow visibility or enquiries
Lisa Kennery Pierce
We get clients from further afield now who say they are finding us through Google.

Lisa Kennery
Pierce Accountants

We’ve been on a transformation journey with the brand and the website now reflects that.

Sarah Cooper

Anthony Formosa
The website looks and feels excellent. We asked for wow factor and got that.

Anthony Formosa
Harrington Boyd

Lucy Trueman Trueman Change
I love the new website. My staff love it and we get a lot of compliments on it too.

Lucy Trueman
Founder, Trueman Change

Clare Wilby
The new site is worlds apart from the old one, it’s a brilliant shop window for us.

Clare Wilby
Commercial Manager, Clifton Trade Bathrooms

Emma Curtis Plumbs
With regards to value for money the service from Bespoke has been very good.

Emma Curtis
Head of Marketing Plumbs

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