86% boost in leads through organic optimisation for film and graphics supplier


Lustalux, suppliers and installers of commercial refurb film, graphics, and signage approached Bespoke with ambitious growth targets through the development of a digital marketing strategy.

Lustalux wanted to focus on getting the most out of their website by generating more enquiries to reach their revenue goals but importantly, the right quality of leads.

Bounce rate reduction


After a detailed digital strategy workshop, Lustalux better understood their customer’s pain points and worked with Bespoke to create an engaging digital marketing strategy that targets their key customers and prospects.

Their 12-month digital marketing strategy strongly focused on a multi-channel approach after identifying which platforms their target audience regularly interacted with. A large focus was also placed on Organic SEO by targeting high-value search terms to maximise their search visibility.

Increased monthly leads


Through a strategic and targeted approach to digital marketing, Lustalux achieved some impressive results in a competitive market:

  • Online enquiries increased by 86% (YOY)
  • Organic traffic increased by 12% (YOY)
  • Total traffic increased by 14% (YOY)
Increased organic traffic
Many businesses see their website as an occasional one-off project, but if you look after it and continually improve it you almost always see increases in leads and sales.
Mel Moville
Digital Projects Coordinator at Bespoke
20-years of record-breaking results

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