Revenue soars by 56% by shifting focus to organic optimisation for process control supplier


Fine Controls, suppliers of process controls and instrumentation equipment, had ambitious growth plans after securing high-profile partnerships with Siemens and Burkert.

Their focus was to increase their online revenue through high-quality lead generation.

With an expanding global customer base, Fine Controls wanted to focus on their search visibility and convert more of their website traffic into sales.

increase in revenue


After in-depth research and keyword analysis, the strategy shifted its focus to producing high-value content on category pages and better optimisation on the product specific pages.

This presented an opportunity to better optimise their current PPC campaign by reducing overall spend and using the budget to focus on the higher-conversion intent campaigns.

less PPC spend


Through these methods, Fine Controls achieved outstanding results and were able to place a larger focus on organic sources - which allowed them to have a more cost-efficient approach to their marketing. 

Fine Controls increased their overall revenue YOY by 56% all while reducing PPC spend by 36%

increase in revenue
20-years of record-breaking results

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