Website smashes enquiry target by 19% and provides potential savings of £1m


Blackpool Council Adoptions Services needed a website that generated more leads from potential adopters and provide a home for unplaced children.

For each child unplaced, it costs £30,000 so generating more leads online was crucial for both the children and the council.

To stay on track, Blackpool Council Adoption Services needed to generate 200 enquiries per year from prospective adopters and convert 25% of the enquiries.

enquiries per year

What Happened

Blackpool Council Adoption Services worked with Bespoke to overcome their specific challenge of increasing high-quality enquiries in the North West. 

After a comprehensive workshop and kick off meeting, the website focused on supporting the needs of prospective adopters through their journey with a focus on the emotional rewards that comes with adoption. 

The web project later incorporated a micro-site to provide adopters with information post-adoption to support them in their journey.

The microsite was implemented through the custom CMS system previously built for the main website, allowing the branding and build to remain consistent but allows users to have their own custom logins for a more personal experience.


Outcomes & Results

The website generated 237 enquiries (19% above target) in the first 12 months of going live.

The reason this goal had been set was that the service had 42 children requiring adoption.

Not only would these children not have a forever home, but it would have potentially cost in excess of £1m to outsource these children externally for placement. 

over target enquiries

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