Boosting website leads by 160% in the manufacturing industry


Belmont Packaging, one of the UK’s leading cardboard box manufacturers, approached Bespoke to help them achieve their ambitious growth targets through the development of a digital marketing strategy.

The focus of the campaign was to generate more website leads in order to reach their revenue goals, and reduce bounce rate overall.

Bounce rate reduction


Belmont Packaging worked with Bespoke to better understand their target customer through a user persona workshop in order to create an impactful and efficient digital marketing strategy, with tactics, routines, and goals. 

From this, Belmont Packaging fully understood their target customer, and how to interact with them, which fed into their 12-month digital marketing strategy. 

The digital marketing strategy strongly focused on Organic SEO by targeting high-value keywords with buying intent and developing a content strategy to address the target audiences’ pain points. With Organic Sessions on the rise, Belmont also wanted to capitalise on their growth by running a PPC campaign to maximise their website leads.

Increased monthly leads


Belmont Packaging achieved some staggering results.

  • Organic sessions increased by 68% (YOY) - the original goal was set at 40%
  • Increased leads by 160% (YOY)
  • Belmont Packaging saw leads increase by 20% each month on average.
Increased organic traffic
Many businesses see their website as an occasional one-off project, but if you look after it and continually improve it you almost always see increases in leads and sales.
Mel Moville
Digital Projects Coordinator at Bespoke
20-years of record-breaking results

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