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Why many B2B businesses struggle with online lead-gen

3 minute read

3 minute read

A common enquiry we get at Bespoke is that somebody has tried lots of approaches to digital marketing, and several suppliers, but have not got the results they want.

When somebody is in this situation, we help them understand why.

Where do we start?

That starts with a short exploratory call, and we give them self-assessment tools that help them pinpoint where their biggest issues and opportunities lie.

The recurring theme of these assessments: over-complication.

Marketing and online lead-generation is actually very straightforward.

When we are working with a client and achieve a flow of well matched leads for them, there is always a simplicity about the strategy and campaigns.

Success starts with building a simple, sensible strategy.

When you know your market, have a sound value proposition, can show your credibility and authority, it becomes much easier to build the marketing assets, web pages and campaigns your target audience really wants to see.

These are then fed into laser targeted campaigns that are only seen by people who match the profile of your ideal customer.

Once these campaigns are live you no longer need to speculate on if your positioning and messaging is good. We see what your ideal customer does and doesn't respond to. We even watch videos of how they browse our web pages. They effectively let us know how to improve lead-gen performance further.

It can be this simple.

What are the common struggles?

The reason many B2B businesses struggle with online lead-gen is that they began executing branding, website design and campaigns without first building a proper digital strategy.

We run digital strategy workshops every month that help businesses identify the actions that will result in a steady flow of well matched leads.

With more than 20 years as a B2B digital marketing agency, working with 100s of client and generating over £1bn worth of leads, the advice we'd give to anybody not quite getting the results they want is to stop and build a proper strategy.

Then execute - build the required assets and campaigns to the highest standard.

We did this almost 5 years ago and have been close to fully booked since.

We do this for our clients and several hundred leads flow in each month.

Do you recognise this scenario?

What would happen if you stopped and built a proper digital marketing strategy?

What would happen if you booked a digital strategy workshop to do this?

Next steps

Two options to dig deeper into these topics:

Both are free to businesses wanting generate more B2B leads online.

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