Bespoke’s response to COVID-19

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14th April 2020 - Steve Brennan

This page explains how Bespoke is responding to COVID-19, assisting clients and teammates through lockdown, and adapting our service to best assist clients.

Assisting teammates

When news broke of the potential spread of the virus and likely lockdown we ran a work from home trial for all teammates.

This helped us iron out technical difficulties and hardware requirements before lockdown began.

Six days before lockdown began we switched our whole team to home-working, and switched all client meetings and workshops to Zoom delivery.

Our whole team meets every morning at 9.30 during lockdown, and Zoom is used for project delivery too (fortunately we already regularly used Zoom).

Our service

Some parts of our service are not able to continue through lockdown.

For example, Digital Accelerator was due to begin it’s 3rd cohort in April, but the programme relies heavily on interaction between facilitators and participants in the room and we did not feel this could be adequately simulated via Zoom.

Our fortnightly Wake Up To Digital breakfast events also rely on hands on digital marketing workshop exercises which do not translate fully to webinars, etc.

We have however been able to reallocate resources to accelerate other aspects of our service that are very easily delivered remotely:

 Stopped Accelerated
❌ Digital Accelerator cohort #3 ✅ Rebrand projects
❌ Wake Up To Digital breakfast events ✅ Website projects 
  ✅ Marketing retainers

Some clients have chosen to use lockdown to progress rebrand or website projects. If you’d like to see examples of completed rebrand and website projects, or discuss a potential lockdown project of your own contact us on 01772 591100 or at [email protected].

Our clients

Our first task after lockdown was announced was to speak with each of our retainer clients and adapt their strategies for the months ahead.

This was different for everybody so done on a case-by-case basis.

For some, lockdown has seen a sharp rise in immediate demand. For others the business cannot continue as normal so the job has been to market for signals and build demand and market share for later in the year. In every case it was possible to adapt the strategy as required within a few days.

We have continued to maintain the normal 1-hour response time on our client support desk and SLAs remain unaffected during lockdown.

Sharing knowledge

One of Bespoke’s values is to share knowledge.

We recognise we are in the fortunate position of speaking to lots of people in digital marketing every day and this enables us to build up a picture of what is working for good cross-sections of people at any given time.

So one of our team’s first actions whilst working from home was to compile the concepts that helped clients most during the first month of lockdown into a white paper for anybody to read.

Please help yourself to a free copy:

Get the white paper

We also welcome your comments and enquiries during lockdown, our team is available on 01772 591100 or [email protected].

If there is further detail we could share that might help you please let us know and we will be happy to assist on a 1-2-1 basis, or via this page.

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