Digital Strategy Workshop

A half day session to plan new digital campaigns.

Over the years we've found that marketing campaigns get the best results when we stop at the beginning to consider how they fit with a business' broader strategy.

If we also build a deep and up-to-date picture of your target customer and how you can be unique to them, we are then able to create laser-targeted campaigns that really work.

In a Digital Strategy Workshop you’ll work through exercises that will give you new clarity and new ideas to inspire your next web projects and marketing campaigns.

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Who attends?

Normally 1-4 people and it’s best to bring people from your organisation who really understand your target buyer and your product or service.

How long does it last?

The session lasts 3.5 hours total so is normally scheduled for morning or afternoon. We can work at your premises if you wish, or in our interactive boardroom.

What is the format?

You work through a series of exercises that help you get clear focus on your customer and what they will respond well to when they find you online.

What do I leave with?

You leave with a profile of your ideal customer and a report which outlines what your focus should be for future campaigns or web projects.

Website Design Sprint
All web projects start with a workshop to plan what will be built
Sitemap & wireframes
Confirms site architecture and what will go on each page
Website design
Shows what your fully designed new website will look like
Website build
To an agreed schedule, with previews for you to feed back on
Website launch
Including training, addition of content and Google optimisation
Measure results
Track leads & sales and run campaigns to get more from your website
Starting projects or campaigns without laser focus on your customer and positioning wastes budget, so it’s sensible to book a digital strategy session before other work begins.
Chris Ward
Head of Digital

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