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The Amazon #1 bestseller on digital strategy

Over 20 years we have listened to in-house digital marketers frequently describing the same issues and asking the same questions.

From our experience as an agency, many of our 1-2-1 meetings with our clients follow the same themes, dealing with the same objectives and solving the same problems.

We decided we wanted to help a broader audience of in-house digital marketers, so we wrote what became the #1 Amazon bestseller on digital strategy.

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What is in the book?

You'll learn about the five mindsets of in-house digital marketers, you'll see which your company has, and you'll decide which your company should really have.

What can you learn?

The book is most useful for in-house digital marketers, marketing managers or anybody with overall responsibility for generating leads online for their business.

Where to get the book.

You can buy a hard copy or Kindle version on Amazon, and you can download a free chapter on this page. If you attend our events we'll give you a free copy.
Steve Brennan

About the author, Steve Brennan

CEO - Bespoke Digital Agency

Steve has a 20-year career overseeing an agency that has worked with over 200 in-house digital marketers, generating over £1bn of online leads and sales. His focus is now on helping in-house digital marketers and digital teams to grow their businesses and careers.
Get the Amazon #1 Bestseller on Digital Strategy

Get the Amazon #1 Bestseller on Digital Strategy

Download a free chapter of the Amazon #1 Bestseller

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